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This Cube World Server List showcases the most popular Cube World servers to play on.

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Cube World Server Guide

-This is a Classis PVE Server using Cube World v0.1.1 (Version of July 23, 2013). You need the version 0.1.1 to get into the server. (see h...

Vanilla PvE All Ages


> Herocube: Cube World PvP Server *Please note that this server is in TESTING.* >*WE REMOVE ALL RED ITEMS AND LEVELS ABOVE 500.* **...

YouTube PvP All Ages


We're a new coop server with a max level of 400, atm. hackers will be banned on the spot. admins are on frequently! come in, join us and hav...

Vanilla RP PvE All Ages


100 Slot auto-restarting server. Friendly mature UK community. Mumble server for registered forum users. Ability to Blacklist hackers & i...



Come join!...


-This is a Classis PVE Server using Cube World v0.1.1 (Version of July 23, 2013). You need the version 0.1.1 to get into the server. (see h...

Vanilla PvE All Ages


Server IP : Mumble IP : Hey people come and join! It\\\\\\\'s an uncapped server wit...


Upon disconnect type /connect website: voice chat: Raidcall ID 2770585 - download Raidcall http:/...


Server Location: Canada, British Columbia, Victoria City Features: • 95% Uptime • Auto Restart upon Server Crash. PS:Please be a...


Small Cubeworld server....



Forum Page: With the release Of C...

Vanilla PvP RP


Server IP: Stable server, no lags, maximum 15 players and auto-reboot. An active and responsive staff. Event...

PvP PvE Custom Content All Ages


Welcome to my 24/7 Cube World server! Given the great popularity Cube World seems to have obtained, I have created this server. Some of y...

YouTube All Ages


Hallo zusammen, der Server bittet 100+ Solt & No Lag und jede menge Spaß und TS3-Server Cubeworld Server IP (IP Address):barracuda.sytes.n...

YouTube Ages 18+ Vanilla LFG RP PvE Instant Levels


It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Korea CMF Server ...


100 Votes = 35 Slots | 24/7 | 30 Slots | Fixed...

PvE All Ages


Server Online! South African Cube World Community/Server IP: Teamspeak 3 Server: Website: http...

Ages 18+ Vanilla LFG PvP RP PvE All Ages Ventrilo


Super New 24/7 Cracked Cube World Server . Auto Restart Good Players Nice People....

Private All Ages


New Republic Games Cube World server. Server is online 24/7. Max players: 120 So all who want to join are welcome. This server ...

PvP PvE All Ages


CubeWorld Multiplayer: 100 slot, no lag server! IP:

PvE All Ages


Cube World Server USA is based in North East USA and hopes to eventually be a hub for all things Cube World! The fun and exciting game is cu...


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